New product packaging for ERICH JAEGER wire harness kits

For a long time now, ERICH JAEGER has been certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. Within this framework, the company has formulated binding targets and thus actively pursues environmental protection. But even beyond these environmental goals, ERICH JAEGER is looking for ways, both small and large, to continuously optimize the sustainability of its business operations. One current measure is the conversion of product packaging in the area of wire harnesses for trailer operation.

Cardboard boxes with FSC certification

Until now, the packaging cartons for the towbar wiring kits have been printed over the full area in 4-color printing. By changing the design in the packaging, ERICH JAEGER changed this procedure and reduced the necessary printing colors to just one color. This saves quite a bit of printing ink - and that is just as good for the environment as the fact that only unbleached paper from certified sustainable forestry is used for the new boxes. To this end, ERICH JAEGER works with a supplier who holds the appropriate FSC certification.

Modern representation of ERICH JAEGER's fields of activity

ERICH JAEGER is also happy with the Visual of the new design, as it represents the company's various fields of activity in a modern way. Of course, ERICH JAEGER hopes that the new packaging will also be well received by its customers, but even if this should not always be the case (after all, design is a matter of taste), users of towbar wiring kits can of course continue to rely on the usual high quality.

Sustainible product packaging for wire harnessesThe new product packaging for towbar wiring kits with FSC logo
The old cardboard boxes with 4-color printThe old cardboard boxes with 4-color print
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