Produkt Informationen

Name 7P Elektrowendel (ohne Stecker/Dose)
Artikelnummer 016266
Produktgruppen Coil, Accessories
Normen ISO 3732 - Type S, ISO 1185 - Type N, ISO 3731 - Type S, ISO 1724 - Type N
Branchen Cars, Agriculture, Commercial vehicles
Temperature resistance [in °C] -40.0 - 100.0
Voltage [in V] 12, 24
Cable color schwarz
Material of cable PUR
No. of connected plugs 0
No. of connected sockets 0
No. of poles 07
Addition to standard Typ N (normal), Typ S (supplementary)
2nd Stripping length [in mm] 30,00
Arbeitslänge [in m] 3,00
Max. extension length [in m] 4,50
Max. working length [in m] 4,00
No. of coils 43
Outer coil diameter [in mm] 50,00
Querschnitt der Adern 6x 1,5mm² + 1x 2,5mm²
Stripping length [in mm] 50,00
cable cross-sectional area [in mm] 9,50